SWAT Police Scanner 应用的评论


Won’t work

Says app needs updating but none available paid app won’t work !!!

Please update to match iOS!!!

Love this app and have used for years but now it’s not compatible with my iOS. Please update!!!


Love it!

Best scanner app so far

Best scanner app that I've used or seen so far!


Best one out there WORKS GREAT

More Towns

Massachusetts. Hudson Mass. Why isn't it on this app? All surrounding towns are!

It does what I need it to do

I have a hand held scanner and this is better. I wish I would have discovered this app before I bought the piece of crap scanner.


Needs more upgrades

Great app

Love this app. I love being able to know what's going on in my neighborhood. Hate that the PD is going encrypted soon. Even though I understand why. It's been a great app.


After 5 years of being an IPhone user, this is the first app I've ever paid cash for. I am very disappointed. This app is no different than the free police scanner I have on my phone. Waste of money. Stick with the free ones.

Love the app

App works great!!


This works great I live always out from our station pagers do not tell when trucks are coming or going so I witch this scanner on and than can hear everything I need to know works get for me and have passed it on to some of my friends

Works Well.

Easy to use and like the features and dashboard. Occasionally drops out or quits, maybe due to changes in phone location or service. Great app, especially for free! Thanks!

This is the worst app that I have ever bought a waste of money

It was a waste of money very limited I wish I never bought it

Good not Great

Good app, would be better if it included more cities in Alaska...


Nice app. Not too many channels from my area so there's a lot of chatter.

Works as advertised

Good app to have.

Great App!

Love it! I don't use it much, but when I do, It's super helpful and entertaining.

The scanner

This application is the best. Everything I wanted and much much more. A great purchase !

I like this app

Good app. Lots of options.

Good app

Good app


I fall asleep to this.

Good app

Enjoy listening, only wish there were more feeds in my area. Also, I would like to be able to monitor USCG in Panama City FL area but I don't see any CG links at all. Overall I enjoy it and like being able to hear what's going on. Nice job.

Good Scanner

I like the scanner app, it works well in my area.

More feeds

Free apps offer more feeds. For the money I feel there are too few feeds.

Tmoiphone 6s plus

Awesome best of the best


From small towns to major cities this app delivers.

Love This!

Works well.

Excellent app

Excellent app if you like to listen to the radio traffic and find out what is going on in your town or mostly anywhere else


Very nice


Loud and clear

Good App

Good App to have.

Best scanner

Awesome app!


Works great

I like it

Very helpful with work and knowing what is going on in my neighborhood and city where I live.

Best Scanner

Gives me a lot of info.

Same as The pro

Makes no sense to buy this when you have the pro version. There are no extra police feeds if that's what your into. Manhattan 34 pct for example is not there.

Police scanner

This is a really good app it has helped me in the field so much I could have gotten an expensive hand held but this was way cheaper and as long as I have my phone I have my scanner

I love this

Listening to the radio let's me know what's going on in my neighborhood.

Two of same app

I already have this app, I thought this was something diffrent Untill it finished down loading!!!! and why did my bill Go from $2.99 Up to $8.99 That's more than ODD !!!! Buyer be ware!!!!!! There is a FREE version (It has adds,but it's just fine.... And there are 2 TWO pay versions So learn from my mistake) T C B C⚡️ B


Great app, cheaper than a real scanner...although real ones work anywhere


I'm enjoying this app!!! Tiller.

Awesome App

This is an awesome app

Pretty good overall.

I wish they would have the correct codes for each station that your listening too. Sometimes I have no idea what they are talking about because the code they have listen maybe for Nevada and makes no sence with what I'm hearing on the scanner and I wish they would add more channels for central mississippi, I see where some states may have 10 channels for just one area of the state


Why! Can't I listen to the D.C. police? I can listen to everything else in Washington DC but the police, I thought this was a police scanner. I feel like I wasted my money. But it does work for everything else.

Police scanner 5-0

It is the best one on the market. Love getting info from my area!

I'd buy Again

Very helpful for local and global situation awareness. I use when traveling. Recommend


Very nice, use this app quite a bit.

It's great!

I love being able to stay in touch with my area. It's a very useful and interesting way to pass time listening to it. Now, get back Ocean City, Maryland Police and I will be a happy puppy!

fuk the kops

not bad would be nice to just be able to use pic skin with out other krap. love it

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